Thursday, April 24, 2014

Why the Fit will exceed expectations and the Gear watch will fall short

Samsung is releasing the new line of wearable technology the Gear2, the Gear Neo and the Gear Fit Smartwatch. As a consumer, which is the better watch to buy and which one is the ones to avoid.... in my opinion.

As I review these products, I would recommend these products over the field of other smart watches just based on the screen (AMOLED - the same screens used in the Galaxy Line of Phones) and the customization of the different interfaces as compared to Pebble and the Sonys, etc. The main selling points of this product, Gear2, is the camera (useless because you have your phone or if your a techy, Glass) and a remote, which is neat for about 2 seconds, notifications alerts and the ability to answer phones, this is redundant tech because 1 update to facebook and you have 4 notification dings (this gets old really fast) and interchangable bands (I guess at least we can be fashionable). I would say the only good selling point of this watch is the interface, the integration with your tablets and phones and Google Music. Now with so many options now with Apples iTunes Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Youtube,  Soundcloud is the integration of the Bluetooth wireless technology and not jogging with a phone on your arm during a workout. Because of this, this is probably the only feature that I could say could make this product even worth buying, however since Google Music is very late to the show and consumers are already set on iTunes Radio and other streaming services, to add another one or to port into another player is work a lot of people arent going to invest in or even consider doing.

So if you don't care about the Google Music, then the Galaxy Gear Neo is for you. However if you just ready the preceeding paragraph, with out Google Music, there isnt really anything to discuss here...

So last but not least the Samsung Galaxy Fit.... This is the wearable I see dominating the market and will be the best buy for consumers, because this is the product that I see having the longest life and will be supported the longest. In recent news the Nike Fuel Band is dead technology as the company has killed the product. Not the that was a bad product and I wanted that one but because its on it own network and separate from the iOS and Android platform it was another loop to go thru and that was one of the reasons I didnt buy it and other consumers either.

The Wearables market is an interesting market because this is new technology that the big companies haven't perfected and smaller companies have had success. however the expectations of the wearables to the consumer is going to be compared the the technology in the Top Tier Phones like the S5 and the 5S. Samsung Galaxy Fit is the product that best Fits (no pun intended) in this role as only the tech addicted know about too much tech and redundant tech and clutter tech. Though people see this as a good thing, people that have it thinks it a Gift with a Curse.

Though this product is bias to Android and specifically Samsung, Android purists will want the Google Watch. However with totally basing everything on the accessibility of Google Now and also the main feature, I dont see this product, the first edition, amounting to much. The Galaxy Gear fit brings a heart rate monitor, integration with S-Health which will eliminate the amount of time that you check your phone, as well as notifications sent from your phone. With the newest software update the orientation of the watch can now be flipped to portrait making the information easier to read.

The advantage of this product is the fact that you dont have to go into another system, another log in and another username. By having this integrated into an ecosystem that you are already living in this is an upgrade. the fact that this isn't a third party app make this more convenient than other products that are launching with very limited resources and development. The fact that it works well and communicates make your life easier and more efficient, and isn't that why you buy this stuff in the first place?

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