Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why wearables are falling short

In my personal opinion... and this is not fact just a personal opinion, which my Blog is based on. If you are a reader of my past blog entries you will see that my insight is pretty darn accurate, and these predictions and views are pretty useful, i just wish my March Madness Bracket was like this.

So, we dodged the iPhone 5C, and we got the Moto X, which Engadget named smartphone of the year and iPhone 5C as the worst.

So my next entry addresses wearables, this is a fairly new category as it is currently ruled by the Pebble Smartwatch and also the Galaxy Gear. So now the early bird is with all the other Eagles and Hawks, how does these fair against the new Android Smartwatch? With only seeing demonstrations on Youtube, i can only speculate that this watch will probably be the one to get now that Samsung has elected to go with the Tizen OS in lieu of Android.

But that is not the point of this Blog entry, the reason for this entry is why wearables are falling short? After using Google Glass and being a Glass Explorer, yes the luster has gone away but Glass reintroduces new things that just recapture the imagination and shows us the unlimitness of the potential this product has. Glass is so revolutionary users should expect every gadget that breaks into the market to be as such. I mean who wants to dump $400 on a watch which is going to be obsolete in a year and also unwanted? I surely dont.

With this market you want to make sure you get the correct smartwatch for what you want, as of now every smartwatch that is on the market does limit the "every 5 Minute glance at you smart phone" syndrome and has introduced the " Glance at your watch every 5 minutes" syndrome or even worst look at your watch and phone every 2 and a half minutes... thats even worse...

OK, now scince that is out of the way.

The Smart watch isn't giving you any benefit except that you don't have to pull stuff out of your pocket. No one is going to dictate to their watch and let in all seriousness, you are spending money to always be connected to Google Now. which is nice however that is all that it is. you are now wearing your phone as this device doesn't bring you any other benefit. Glass can also be said to be similar but only people who speculate and doesn't have one would say that. However I may be in that same class with the smartwatch, however the only justification or reason someone would use this is to substitute a cheaper version of Glass.

I would say that the Android Smartwatch is the better watch of them all because the upside of using the most advance sear engine ever created on your wrist probably tops Pebble and Sony however it will come down to price point and what the user wants to spend of this technology. The smart watch isn't bring a new dimension of anything to the table as it is currently only giving you shortcuts to notification  to your wrist instead of your pocket. Once the smartwatch is developed and refined and brings another benefit to the table in addition to the obvious function, then I may consider looking at one...

Till then I'll wait to see what Apple comes out with... if that ever happens...

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Samsung clearly misses the mark... by a little

I'm back with another blog for charlies techlist season 2. I'm am writing this on my galaxy note2 and not dictating this on a smart watch at the California DMV.. #kmn...
After seeing Samsung's announcement of the new refresh for the galaxy gear line, Samsung unveiled what we thought the galaxy gear watch should be. After somewhat of a year in disappointment,  Samsung was going to recapture what we had hoped for in the smart watch.... and it failed yet again.
The new galaxy gear shows the same direction of what the second generation should be after the first is released. Smaller, faster and quicker processing and refined user experience but it is still not what the techies would want to see in a smart watch, or at least what get a ton of hits on the Web.
I can't speak for everyone but what I want for the smart watch comes down to this, don't give me the same thing as the Sony,  Pebble and other watches that look the same. I am not going to dictate to my watch this blog post or post pictures.  What I want is somewhat of the glass experience on my wrist. Dynamic and curved with updates on my wrist similar to the notification screen pull down but better.
But wait....
Samsung quietly released Galaxy Fit to the Mobile World Congress expo and receive the awards for this gadget. The galaxy fit is a bracelet that has a heart monitor, notification screen and other functions with S-Health that is displayed on a curved screen.
This is what we want the smart watch to be, but a little wider and a portrait orientation so we don't consistently turn our heed in a weird angle to read the time and date.
In my opinion the galaxy gear is what we need in a smart watch and what the future design should be. In my opinion the galaxy gear design will be phased out and replaced by the fit design because there is really no reason to carry to similar products that with not that similar price points but close enough.
So in my opinion I would either get the Samsung galaxy fit or wait to a Google watch surfaces, but if you can wait I would sit back and let all these horrible design filter out until the one you want is released. .
That's my opinion and I am just sayin....
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