Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My First Impressins of Project Fi - Google New Phone Service

Okay people, its all about consistency here!!! and I am writing this 2 weeks in a row!!!!

So after receiving the phone shortly after ordering it, I chose the Nexus 5XP, and this is a pretty smooth phone, I would have to admit I am pretty impressed by it. The last major google phone I had was a Moto X, and that phone was cool, but this phone is way better and right now at a Project Fi price point of $150 plus taxes and fees, probably one of the best purchases I will make this year.

I would walk you through the sign up and activation process, but Google made a series of videos so you can just look at those. The activation process and number porting from Republic Wireless went very smoothly and new activations are even easier. Once you get started you will spend a good amount of time updated the software and also installing patch upgrades to bring the device up to date.

As coming from an older phone, immediately the finger sensor in the back, IMO, better and more convenient than the iPhone thumb print sensor and better than sliding a thumb on the Galaxy. The screen is amazing and the phone has a great weight balance in your hand, and as a phone made by LG instead of Motorola, you see the build and experience is much better. The camera is great and the apps run 1,000 times better than my previous phone, Moto G, on Republic Wireless.

So lets get into this discussion, I compare this Moto 5XP to a Moto G not because they are similar in specs, because they are not. However the Moto 5XP is a flagship phone from Google at $150 and the Moto G is a budget phone at $150, although the price is only good till early May 2016, pretty much come out the same from my wallet, $150! comparing the phones is probably a waste of time because the Moto 5XP blows out the Moto G in everything and is probably more suited to compare the Moto X 2nd Gen, However that phone is $250, are you starting to get my drift here!

So the main reason I feel Republic Wireless and Project Fi is a great phone service choice is because of not only the VoIP, but the fact that you can have a smart phone, a premium one at that, and not be forced to buy and access data. Plans from Verizon and AT&T require you to have a data plan if you want the premium phone so you are spends north of $100 as I am paying south of $30, because I turn off data.

So my biggest gripe with Republic Wireless is that the calling experience wasn't the best, however because I used a Moto G, I probably credit that experience more towards the phone to the service. The phone and call quality is very good in the Moto 5XP, mostly because of the advances and improvements that are in the phone, not just the added service of using the T-Mobile towers.

So in conclusion, with staying with a low monthly service plan, the experience is very similar to Republic Wireless as I don't have or use data, the phone selection of Project Fi is better, payment plans on the phone makes it easier on getting the one you want with the amount of memory you want. Now a days that people are using their phones at a all time high, its mostly used for texting and apps and not as much for phone calls. The pleasant surprise is the integration of Hangouts and Gmail as you can send and receive SMS messages through Gmail, this is not a revelation however this is a great feature when you discover how to use it, especially if your in an office environment or consistently on a computer.

My first impressions of Project Fi have been nothing but great, I encourage you to be brave and make the Jump from cell carriers to Google, with all the $$$ you would be surprise how much more stuff and things you can enjoy instead of just giving it to Verizon and AT&T. Its your money and you can do what you wish with it.... With mine, I chose to keep it!   

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Project Fi - My Impressions and why you should try it

I don't know how many time I try and relaunch the blog and something comes up, but this is a life lesson that things are going to happen, motivation comes and goes and their is never a perfect time to do anything so you got to keep grinding it out. When its a passion it doesn't feel like work until it becomes like work and then we don't like to do it unless we get some incentive or whatnot.... So enough with the rambling.

I am here to talk about Google's new service called Project Fi and why you should care about it. If you have followed the Blog then you know my stance on technology and that I am a little ahead of the curve even though it seems like I am Apple bashing but time told us Apple just wasn't the same company as the one we romanticized about a short while ago.

Anyhow, Google released or is now in the Cellular phone game competing with the giants of AT&T, and Verizon, while not battling Sprint or T-Mobile because those are partners rather than rivals.

So the big questions is why should I care? and to a lot of people it won't but for some it will. Is this a revolutionary phone service? No, kinda No, is this something we have never seen before, No... all of what Google offers is what has been available to us for some time now with services such as Freedom Pop and Republic Wireless, which I am a current customer of.

So lets get down to it! Google's Project Fi is a Wifi-Cellular phone that mainly uses Wifi in your house to operate data and phone service. If you use your phone it will make the call over Wifi before it connects to a Sprint or T-Mobile network. the plan's basics is $20 dollars a month for unlimited talk and text, so who cares right... and it charges you only for the data you use at a rate of $10 per Gig.

So this is why you should care. As of right now you can take advantage of being an early Project Fi supporter and you will get $150 off a Nexus 5 phone, which is a flag ship device that will run you $150 plus taxes. So in an age where you are paying a premium for your devices at $20+/month, this is a savings. In an era where we pay data access fees for our smartphones these fees will add up to a rate of about $100/ month for a phone... I know I will get back lash over comments of how people are going to post that they get some crazy discount or something, this isn't for you and keep your phone service. But for the rest of the population who think their current bill is to high and want to cut something, this is something to consider

Now one main reason that I am backing Googles Project Fi, is that I was a Glass Explorer and the process and experience was great, So I have experienced other Google products and I have had nothing but great experiences so I don't think this would be any different.

Here is my input on this whole topic. I switched from AT&T to Republic because I wanted to cut down on the data usage and also my Phone bill of about $200 per month with both line unlimited data. I switch to a plan that was $13/month at republic and been pocketing around $50/month on my phone bill which I use on other things other than AT&T, not that AT&T is bad, I just dont think updating snapchat and facebook is worth the data and fees. The things about Republic that I do like is the control to get data and to turn off data at a prorated fee, they were first with the data rebate per month for the unused data so I am completely happy with the service. However because I have a Moto G and now it does the job, a Moto X is more what I want, the out of pocket fees was around $300 bucks, which kinda hurts and cuts into my savings per month. With Project Fi I am getting a flagahip premium device at a discounted cost and a very similar service, I am a customer who elected to has service without data however I am pretty sure the majority of people use at least a 1 GB of data.

So as an early adopter, I don't know what the service is like but I anticipate great things!

Here is the link to project fi