Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What has Glass Done For You?

As of this week, Google sent out invitations to all of its Glass Explorers in the program. Exploring with Glass gives a selected group of people a chance to mold a product into what it will become. Google Glass is something that hasn't been seen before as it is a trail blazer in its own category of wearable computing. I could go on and on about what Glass does, however if you are reading a techster's blog, chances are you have seen the Youtube promotional video or you saw it on display as Google is promoting Glass around the U.S. in various locations for consumers to demo.

However, if I had to explain the experience of Glass it would be this...Testing Glass is probably equivalent to testing the iPhone before the iPhone was the iPhone. think about it, this technology has never be produced before and no other competitor has a product like this, and even if they do they are 10 iterations behind(being that we are running XE10) so when Glass hits the market it will have over a year of beta testers in this program.

I explained Glass to Google like this: Glass has given me the ability to capture raw emotion, after wearing glass the people you are around will get use to you wearing this on your face. With Glass becoming an accessory similar to sunglasses people will forget that you are wearing them as they just become part of your attire. When people film you with their camera phone, they notice and their actions are not raw and authentic because they know they are being filmed and captured, and in some part of their mind they has to look good in the photograph. However with Glass this is not the case, capturing the raw emotion of happiness or excitement and even sadness cannot be recreated, it is authentic.

Also the use of both hands and the point of view camera lets you revisit movies that you filmed just as you remembered. Glass will give you the opportunity to film more things in a more creative way. Some of my favorite movies of being a DJ, Dad and an Engineer have been taken with Glass. Now Google is expanding the explorers so more people can not only change their world... But help mold ours

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is Android your Mistress???? Is Android for you?

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I know the title is kinda strange and funny, but this is very true with consumers today. We have all bought into the iOS system and own some parts of iVoltron that work together, an iPad, iPod, iphone, or a Mac-something. We enjoy the fact that everything works together and syncs across the devices and that everything is updated and current, as well as having a stylish phone.

Just like any relationship with anything... do you ever feel you want more from your device?

If the answer is no.... thats fine... however if your answer is something else.... well....

Deep down we all have some type of loyalty, (even i do even though it may not seem) to a brand, team or band of some sort, and somehow with these loyalties, we identify ourselves with them and they mold our identity. This is true about NFL fans and people who like a county music, and the people who don't. Who and what you like speaks volumes about who you are and the phone you have also helps mold your identity. I went to Apple and Mac when Apple was marketing that creative people use macs, people who think out of the box use mac, so in a sense i identified with that (like millions of people) and started using mac. Now lets get into the nitty gritty....

With the new updates to the iOS7 operating system and OSX Mavericks being released for free at the Mac App Store, Apple improved its system as well as introduced a new design to its users. However this is the same thing that Apple has always done, refine, refine, refine, refine.. and introduce little. In my opinion, Apple has a line of products that they are not trying to screw up, being conservative and keeping it the same as much as possible it what it wants to do, disappointing users to the competitor is not what it wants to do, but what it is happening.

Do you want a bigger screen?
Do you want a different OS?
Do you want to customize your experience?
Do you hate Siri?
Do you like Google now?
DO you often search with google?
Do you want your phone to do more?

If your answer to these questions are yes.... then i would recommend going Android.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Apple in being Innovative.... in marketing and advertising

I apologize for yesterdays error as the blog post on this topic was publish but for some reason did't post, and there was many many errors in posting this...

Apple has always affiliated themselves with modern design, simplicity and innovation. All the Apple products are beautiful, designed to perform ahead of their time and last. Having Apple products means that the technology was far better than Android and the only reason you will upgrade your phone is because you need the newest features... So now lets talk about the present, I know I am very critical with my reviews of the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S, I would expect the releases and announcement of Samsung a couple months prior would give Apple a strategic comeback. However, expecting new and Innovative products or at least the introduction of new products, they're sticking to their existing products. The constant refreshing and refining of the iPad and the Mac line, Apple has made innovations with battery life, computing, processing, and size of the products and improvements to existing features.

It seems to be that Apple is all about refining the existing line as to create or participate in the new products such as the smart watch. I have yet to see an original product or anything close to innovation except the fact that they are now offering software updates for free, this make sense since the fact that they roll out iOS for free and they themselves state that people don't use desktops and laptops anymore.

So is Apple simply throwing us a bone???? Yes OSX Maverick is free, but the bulk of what we do revolves around a cell phone. With Apple only refining and giving away the iLife software and iWork software also to new customers who buy the new line of products. Is this the way Apple is staying competitive with Google??? Free software??? Apple i think your scraping the bottom of the barrel.

I didnt see the value of the iPhone 5C.. until i walked passed the Apple Store. Since the phones are now colorful, so are the displays. In the past Apple has been built on Modern Colors of black and white with grey unibodys for computers. With the new line of phones, Apple not only sells a less impressive phone for cheaper, but also a plastic phone for the price of the previous flagship product made of metal and "Beautiful and Remarkable" as they described it in the Keynote Speech.

So watch the advertisements, and look around, Apple now has products that catch your eye for a different reason than being the most desirable product, the introduction of Space Grey and Champagne is Apples new marketing strategy to get more customers and existing customers to reinvest. Instead of eye tracking Cameras, Air Motion, Wearable Tech and an assistant to actually use (Siri), Apple gives you Champagne, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Space Grey...

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Friday, October 18, 2013

iOS7 - What a Drain.... on the battery!

With the new release of the iOS 7 operating system, Apple installed more Android-like features into the new iOS operating system. Apples new iOS has a lot of features that are based off of where your current location is. This is a great tool when exploring the world around you, but when you are out and about and go to the same Starbucks for the last 5 years, sometimes it just gets in the way.  As consumers habits the way it has become, we expect our phones to take a full work day like we do... and sometimes more.

Some wireless customers experienced a data jump on their billing cycle is this is most likely due to the upgrade of iOS7 into their new phones with all the settings turned on. Now going into settings and disabling these location settings is one way of getting a longer battery life. This feature would recommend apps whichever location you may be, this is constantly running the data on your phone to use the GPS and push you these recommendations, although a nice feature.. I would rather have longer battery life.

The new iOS has introduced automatic app updates, now this setting will automatically update all of your apps so you don't have to manually update all 1,000 apps that you hardly use on the phone. This is a good feature, however with using data and running an app update will not only eat your phones battery but it will effect the performance of the phone. Turning this off in the settings menu will solve this.

Multiapps running at the same time is now improved and enhanced for the new iOS. All the apps will run all the time in lieu of just freezing. With all the apps running in the background to give true multitasking, we dont need every facebook status update and tweet in real time.. so i recommend to close your apps, or just get off facebook altogether and jump to Google+.. =-p...

Being aware of these function will allow your phone to keep up with you because doing this is better than investing in mophie juicepacks to charge your phone on the go or constantly charging the phone which will kill the battery in under you phone-contract life. Hope these tips helped you out and thanks for reading!!!!!

Here is a video that will walk you through the steps....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


After months and months of anticipation of the smart watch, Samsung debut Galaxy Gear during the Galaxy Note 3 Presentation. While stopping the keynote speech to receive the a demonstrated on this smart watch, American finally got what it was hoping for. With the development of Google Glass taking all the news this past year, the new innovation of wearable technology seems to be the new trend  now that smarthphones and tablets have been in the market for quite some time.

After using the Galaxy Gear, the life of the battery, how to charge it, and a lot of stuff people are not going to use, the excitement of the product fell flat. Not to mention that the watch only works with the Galaxy Note 3, and i havent herd any speculation that this will work with existing phones such as the Galaxy Note 2 and the very popular Galaxy S4. With the watch striking similarities to the ipod nano of old that apple once developed and abandoned, people (and myself) didnt fall in love with the smart watch, or like a lot of people... We will wait for Apples version of the iWatch.

With the recent hiring of the Yves St. Laurant executive, Apple once again is putting design and appearance first. With Samsung delivering the first punch and missed, Apple has the opportunity to steal the thunder that was missed and deliver an outstanding product that will be functional as well as beautiful. The iWatch is the next thing in the developments to try and lure former Apple users turned Andriod, back to Apple and the iEcosystem.

Even with Sansungs recent campaign of making the smart watch feel Bond-like, you would fell Bond-like with a 1 megapixel camera and also if the functionality isn't there. I know Samsung wanted to have the first strike and beat Apple to the punch, which Blogs and reports say that they will unveil during the  announcement of the new iPad line up. Now Apple is in a particular situation of counterpunching Google and Andriod instead of just blowing the competition away with a first round knock out, it now has an opportunity to reclaim innovation and show consumers that they still get it right the first time.

I mean seriously.... Its just a watch right??????

Monday, October 7, 2013

Apple - Acquires Fashion Designer from YSL to Improve the iDevice

News sources have stated that Apple acquires former CEO from Yves Saint Laurent Paul Deneve to work on improving the Apple lineup.

Why is this important? Well I don't know whether you should care if this is important, however, Apple fan should be excited!!

Apple has always prided itself on being fashionable and have a beautiful design of their products. Having a beautiful device that is slim and also powerful has always been a selling point of the Apple products. When you listen to the Keynotes events the words: slim, beautiful, light and all the words used to describe Angelina Jolie (or Brad Pitt..depending on who you are) are used to describe the Apple lineup.

Now with that revealed lets get down to this....

People are attracted to the Apple lineup because of this, because that Apple spends time on design of the products. Apples products are thin and trendy, light in weight and fast in processing. As compared to Android where consumers are consistently comparing the plastic outside covers on its various lines of phones.

With Apple making the models thinner and thinner, the devices are almost paper weight. After a while, refreshing the line with thinner and more compact designs aren't going to impress consumers to buy the same device... a little thinner. Samsung, one of Androids top manufactures and biggest rival, is now offering an alternative to the plastic back cover and giving the consumer a faux leather back for the Galaxy Note 3. With Apple stuck with little or no innovation left and resorting to attract customers with a cheaper line of phone that are plastic (like Android) and costs $99 or less (like Android) are going to invest in one of the reasons it became trendy to like.

Paul Deneve will provide insight to make the iPhone fashionable, with the phone and tablet a better accessory that a watch and necklace, Apple hopes to impress the new line up of devices in a way that Google and Android are lacking in. I believe Apple is now chasing Google for innovation, and in todays copy cat (or Kopy Kat) world, Apple will probably continue to take the best features of the various Android variants and install them into iOS-whatever and be on the cutting edge of fashion.

Because at the end of the day.... you still gotta look good. And you know what they say... You gotta look good to play (or whatever) good.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Breaking Bad - How to break out of the Apple Ecosystem

With the new version of iOS released and enough time has passed for people to give it a true assessment, the questions is this, Do I get the new iPhone or do i go to Android?

This is a simple questions that has does not have a simple answer, in fact this answer involves more than a simple "yes" or "no", it involves breaking out of what is comfortable and going into a new direction. In todays society our phones are more than a communication devices, it shows a lot about who you are and reflects your personality. When Apple was on top of the world, they were ahead, unique and innovative; these are the traits that we wanted to be associated with and that why, in my opinion, everyone wanted and owned an iPhone.

 However that was yesterday and this is today, your contract is up for renewal and you ask your self a simple question "iPhone or Android?" this is a massive debate and there is no lear winner because everyone uses the phone different. So this simply isn't a math problem, this is more an philisophical question, "do you want more?" If the answer is no, then there really isn't a debate and this is the end of the article. But if the answer is yes.... Well then let go ahead and open Pandoras Box!

 First Step: Come to the realization that everything doesn't have to match and be uniform. Go from a Monopoly (All Apple Devices) to "what have you done for me lately?" Understand the the majority of the applications and how you use the phone is available through the Play Store as well as the app store. 

Second Step: Be the Smart Consumer! With a lot of the phones available for selection, everyone is a little different and one size doesn't necessary fit all. With the rise in popularity with Android, this is more of a question of how comfortable you are with the size and features now that one company doesn't control your device. If you want size - Galaxy Note, if you want an all-around good phone - Galaxy S4, if you want to be on the cutting edge and be different - Moto X, if you are price conscious and want the big screen - LG Optimus, if you want nice and cheap - Galaxy S3. All of these phones run Android OS but have different features to make them unique and fit you.

 Third Step: Do not treat your Android like an iPhone! The reason you are even considering a switch and you are reading this is the fact that you want more, you want a customizable phone and you want something different. As log as you go into this with an open mind and you use an Android to be an Android and not an iPhone with a bigger screen, you will unlock a lot more. If you use it like an iPhone, then i recommend the Galaxy s4.

 Being a smart consumer i feel is better for the economy, with Android having more activations than Apple in the recent quarter tells me that if Apple wants it share of the US Market back, then it has to push it self and be more innovative than what is right now. America loves cheesy romance movies like the Notebook and whatnot, we want to stay with the company we started with but just like in Hollywood and life, once you let someone in the middle it is hard getting them back!!!!! Well Apple.. it looks like you have your work cut out for you and you have a couple years to make us reconsider! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Congrats Apple!!!! You are now the maker of the FREE Phone!!!

This is truly a BIG EVENT!!!! Not that this is news, however this is more of a realization than news. Maybe I have the perception of Apple wrong the whole time. I mean...I'm am not an employee, I dont know a lick of marketing, I am just an enthusiast when it comes to technology.

I was visiting my parents last week for breakfast, before going my uncle told me to input my information in his cellphone for some marketing projects. the first thing that he said was "I only have the cheap free phone". I am not saying that whoever owns that phone, that this is a reflection of them. However I think this is a reflection of the company that makes it.

I happily typed in my information into an iPhone 4 and passed it along. I think that is one GREAT phone, just in general, and now everyone can experience this, even the people in the free market! My first thought is... This is awesome! My second thought was.... when did Apple ever give out its hardware for free? or this cheap? I know people are going to say "Its not free, you still pay taxes!!" and "you still need a data plan and that costs money!" Those people are missing the point. Its not about the phone being free, its about the company who is providing the free phone.

There are three types of people: the people who was with Apple before the rise, the people who hopped on the wagon, and the people who are late to the party and are now on board. Apple, you have always been innovative and your followers always paid top dollar for an apple products, the perfect example is the iPod, because I can go all day on the Macbook Pros and the iMacs. if people wanted an mp3 player they could shell out 30 bucks and get a sony "whatever" at Best Buy, but people wanted an ipod and paid 10 times that amount to own it. People have always viewed Apple as not only a great product, but even a better value and we are willing to shell out cash to have it!
In my view, owning or being apart of the Mac world stated something about you, and their marketing team reinforced that earlier when developing the line of mac product. If you have a Mac then you were different and special than the "Windows" people, you stod out and their products stood out. And now it is sorry to say Apple... Now you are fallen into the same category of "free phone", and what is so special about that????