Friday, November 22, 2013

My Experience with the newest update to Glass...

With the newest update of XE11 for Glass the improvements were very slight and with a lot of explorers, I haven't really dug
into the new glass store since the initial release of some addition apps. The apps store houses apps that assist you in cooking, update you in sports scores and even tell you interesting things and places around you. However the most interesting thing your going to find are some really simple apps such as stopwatch, timer and compass.

Why??? Those are very basic and how is this going to help me more than the others?

Very simple answer, be optimistic and excited not because of what it is, but where it is leading you towards. These simple apps are making Glass a utility, and not a phone replacement. The fact that timer, stopwatch and compass can be summoned on demand but also the fact that Glass is slowly shaping into a utility device like Batman's utility belt for geeks and something we can actually use in a daily basis. The fact that you don't have to stop what you are doing and redirect your attention to start the application keeps you on your train of thought and focused. Giving you an instant reminder of time and pace is important in meeting deadlines. And not to mention how this can integrate into glass apps. and for professionals using Glass, time management is key.

Google also have you the ability to see your calendar and your upcoming events with a Google search command. Keeping your agenda in you eyes helps with planning and keeping dates assuming you are half organized and actually have a schedule. Those who are busy enough, this is a great improvement. Glass is becoming what Apple promised us what Siri would be. Now one of the biggest  challenges next is how the nexus watch is going to play into this. The smart watch need not to replace the phone but work together with Glass and Android and it is important that the watch finds it's place and compliment the others. We will call it the Google Geek hat trick!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Galaxy Gear... 100% better with a MOD!

OK... This is a love/hate relationship with this product. I know I blasted this watch in the past, then gave it a little credit and now I'm back to writing about this watch again. Changing your mind is not something to be ashamed about, it shows you have been thinking, that you are open minded, considerate and you evolve with the new information... Like I have. Sometimes I think every new product is going to be like glass, innovative, constantly evolving and almost market ready when our gets released and shown in various debuts.

The Galaxy Gear watch, in my opinion should have followed suit with Glass. Give it to explorers and testers to see it's limitations and what the people think about it that use it in the real world. Once you debut a product there is little you can do to undo that. Now with the release of the Galaxy Note 3 Samsung has exclusively paired it with the newest revision the their flagship phone which was released at about the same time.

I understand rolling it out in phases is smart, giving the people a reason to upgrade to the newest Note when the Note 2 wasn't at all obsolete. But with the advertising campaign, Samsung realized the watch wasn't something people would covet, but there were major flaws when people where looking more and more into it... like myself.

Samsung then rolled out an update the give the Note 2 owners and the S4 owners capabilities to function the watch with their existing phone, opening up the market the millions of more users, however the functionality of the watch and that people would rather use the stock Android apps over the Samsung apps (Google Now vs. S Voice) and that forcing people to use the app didn't work either.

So now we are here.... and their is new development... XDA has came out with a modification to side load the android OS, Nova Launcher into the Smartwatch. This has then turned an extremely limited watch and was not desirable to now a game changer. With the sideload of the keyboard and the installation of the Google Play Store the Galaxy Gear Watch can now load you favorite Apps on your wrist and also control them just like a tiny cell phone.

So now with this feature, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch has now opened countless doors to the functionality of the watch. If you could put Google Now on the watch with all the other Google Apps paired with some of the Samsung capabilities. This is getting the best of both worlds and now also getting an unofficial preview of what the Google version of the smartwatch could be.

Here is the link to the installation video from youtube.

Enjoy!! and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Galaxy Note 3 vs the Nexus 5... Why I still give the Note 3 the Edge

My friend was in the AT&T store this weekend and he asked me this plain and simple question... which phone should I get? I replied and ask him "what did the salesmen tell you"... he said "for the best Google experience go with the Nexus 5". I told my friend "he is just doing what you want him to tell you, this is not a recommendation". So if you are Glass Explorer, like we are, and if you have a contract upgrade coming up soon, like we have, then this is probably the blog for you.

I am not going to tell you what the specs are for these phones as cnet and any other blog writer will post that, this blog is informational and is intended to help you make decisions, and avoid this AT&T sales guy who will sell you any phone you are interested in.

The reason I would go with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is that if you want the extra real estate, this is a one up for Samsung. the versatility of the S Pen, though it's not used as much as you would want it to be and I loose it more than I use it, its still nice to have. The added functionally of the S Pen Features is quite nice and also the fact that the Note 3 is powerful enough to run multiple app side by side at the same time (and if you root the phone and install Windows Manager from the Play Store you can run any 2 apps side by side).

The other reason why the Galaxy Note 3 gets the nod over the Nexus 5 is the fact that the Galaxy Gear is only compatible with the Note 3 (and soon the Note 2 and Galaxy S4). The Galaxy Gear (thou is an intro product and I don't recommend to buy it, however is the best smart watch on the market). I would give the Nexus watch the recommendation over the Galaxy Gear, but since I am writing this Blog post today, currently Google has not released it, but plans on it coming soon.

Kit Kat update 4.3 is one of the major upgrades that I would give over the Galaxy Note 3... However with the ability to side load the Kit Kat operating system to gain most of the functionality, but the hardware of the always on mic is really cool, this is the Galaxy Note3 most of everything with a very large upside and the Nexus 5 only 1 clear advantage.

However if the phone companies offer the Nexus at a contract rate that is discounted.... well then its back to the drawing board!!!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Google is showing the phone companies how to really do phone upgrades

With the release of the Moto X, Google has reinvented the smartphone. Not only making the handset in the U.S. but also having a better understanding on what consumers want. With the Moto X, Google marketed the device as a flagship phone but it lacked the flagship hardware such as Samsung's amoled screen or Apple's retina screen. The Moto X delivers on experience and simplicity over hardware and specifications of the current market. With a 720 resolution screen and a below par camera (compared to the Galaxy) the Moto X certainly lacks the sexyness of the Galaxy and iPhone appeal. However the features, make up, and battery life make up for those deficiencies and has added the "okay Google now" feature (which is a game changer in my opinion).

Now Google has released the much anticipated Nexus 5 available to consumers for an unlocked model at around $350 which is unherd of for a flagship phone running the newest Android OS Kitkat which will be rolling out to Google devices very soon. The Nexus 5 is a comparable flagship device to Samsung and Apple with the flexibility of carriers that usually come with the older S models to go on various networks.

Now Verizon has released the Moto G which is now even more aggressively priced than the Nexus with some of the same principals as the MotoX with the price point similar to the Nexus 5.

What does this mean for you. Probably very little now but if Google keeps this trend, this may change the game for good in the future (and the future is always speculation). With premium phones becoming cheaper without a contract this is something, in my opinion Apple was trying to accomplish with the 5C. The iPhone 5C compares to Androids Moto G because of the plastic frame and the strip down qualities and it doesn't have Siri (but who really uses Siri), and also the Moto G gives the same experience in functionality which a downgraded camera takes just as good of pictures of food as a 12 megapixel does. 

So what I feel is going to mold the future of the smartphones is the success of Nexus 5, the Moto X and Moto G. If Google sees that people are now considering functionality over the hardware, this can change the development from smaller faster lighter hardware, to more functional and userfriendly OS development that is more intuitive. The movement of unlock phones means that consumers will not renew contracts to receive a premium phone and consider going the cheaper way of the pay as you go plans or something that is more suitable for their usage. iPhones and Galaxy's are still going to be the major phones on TV commercials, however T-Mobile forced carriers to change the upgrade policy (which i think is a rip off) and now this is Google showing everyone how its done!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Glass Redemption - getting your invite

Google had change the game on Beta Testing by debuting the most innovative device we have seen in a long while, if you follow my blogs I usually refer and compare to the original iPhone, by having Glass Explorers group to extensively test and mold this product for public release. Applicants had to fill out an applications and all applications were reviewed by Google and Glass invites were sent out to residence of the U.S. and the developers and first group of explorers received Glass.

The explorers wore the headsets and as controversies of camera, privacy and other initial obstacles of testing a ground breaking product. Months came and went and another opportunity to expand the community was available via Explore Invite a friend email; however $1,600 a pop not a lot of people have that. however spots filled up and the explorer community expanded. And now it has come to recent time where Google has released another invite to the Explores. Any Explorer has 3 invites to have the Glass community expand to what it is today.

So today Google announced that the Glass Explorer program is open for individuals to sign up... So for everyone who has passed on the opportunity now has redemption. If you didnt know about the program but heard through the news or has seen the product on one of Glass touring program to show the technology here is your chance. Just don't make the same mistake a lot of other people did and say dumb things/reasons to get Glass, Glass is a revolutionary product and for Glass to be successful it needs dreamers driven by Coffee, Redbull and Mountain Dew (or maybe all of them at once) to mold Glass into what it will be tomorrow.

In my person opinion, Glass isn't at a place where it will live up to the consumers expectations of the product. However Glass has come far along from what the XE4 was, but people arent going to impressed by progress, but by the final product. I don't know if this is by design, but Google's effort to keep Glass exclusive and not open to the public make consumers like my self that collect exclusive items, keeps the interest and value of Glass high and very desirable because of the factor of very limited supply and exclusivity that you are chosen. So if you are considering applying for Glass, be authentic, be a dreamer!!!!

Here are my problems with Glass i would love to see fixed!!
 - Date displayed on the Home Screen
 - Drive Implemented to share and save files
 - Clean up the history, as the timeline feed is cluttered
 - Implementation of Keep
 - Implementation of Goggles.. This would be insane!!!!!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

iPhone Killers - Can Andriod Overthrow Apple?

In todays age the iPhone has reign king of the cell phones for a long time, since its release many Samsung phones and ones alike have deemed the name iPhone Killer but none have lived up to the expectations... until now. With the first to be on the scene the iPhone has had the largest app store available and still now has the most available apps to download into the iOS device. This has now became irrelevant in my opinion because as counting apps that are soo old that no one is going to download anyways, most people only use a handful of apps on their smartphone anyway. The most popular app currently is Google Maps and probably followed by Facebook and Twitter (and Google+), so the fact Apple still claims the largest app store in my opinion is irrelevant again because who cares about the older apps as they just sit in peoples various folders in the back of their Homescreen. With the developers making apps for both platforms I would now say that the platform for the app store is now level, and I would give the edge to Andriod over iOS because the Google apps are cross platform and iOS is exclusively Apple. Some people may say thats a leg up for Apple, however those people probably don't understand it is still a Windows world and Pages and Numbers dont translate well into Word and Excel which still dominate the work place.

So the argument is how is Android overthrowing Apple as the title states, now with the App field leveling the playing field, it purely comes down to user experience, OS development, and Hardware. Now the iPad Air is far superior in weight, performance and has a retina screen which Apple has been living on for the past couple years. However.... with Androids larger screens, just as fast processing (for things like facebook and websites.. well comparable) and better Google App experience, Android is becoming a formidable opponent to the once ruler of the hand held devices.

Here are the reasons Andriod is superior to Apple:
Google Maps (Maps, Drive, Google+, Note, Hangouts, Earth etc.)
Cheaper price point.. mostly $100 cheaper
Split Screen (Samsung Devices)
Custom home screens and customization (Themer app)
Stylus (Note 8.0 and 10.1)
Expandable Memory
Removable Battery (some say this is a benefit)
Larger Screen
Google Integration of Apps (doesn't work the same on iOS works a lot better on Andriod)
Multiple users account (Nexus brand)
NFC technology (dont knock it till you try it)
Better Control Center
Motion activation of apps
Google Now
OK Google now (Moto X and Nexus 5)
Galaxy Gear (just throwing it in, its a plus until an iWatch get release.... if ever)

With Samsung now becoming partners with the NBA and product placements you are now going to see more Android than iPhones. As I look in the Starbucks typing this Blog I already notice that half of the devices are Android where the market was once ruled by Apple. is this a concern for Apple... maybe or maybe not, however I think Android has made people at least consider Samsung.

Thanks for reading!!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Welcome Explorers to XE 11!!!

These past few weeks the Google Glass team has sent out invitations for their current explorer group to invite three lucky friends to the group (with money... ) . Google in a sense has tripled its current explorer group and has an even larger group of beta testers to see how this technology fits into society. With the release of XE11, refinements to the Glass experienced were added such as viewing events on the calendar for the upcoming events and can now navigate you "home" and to "work" as it now knows where home and work is. Glass users are sad that the long press Google search is gone do to the accidental activation of this command, however I still have tons of accidental pictures from leaving glass upside down when i take it off, they should have tried to fix that.

Screeencast and the set up for new explorers are now easier and with the swapping program, Glass will now work with people who have a prescription and also give you an earpiece to hear people on the phone during calls. The ear piece will solve the problem of cupping my hand and speaker over my ear to make it louder however they still need to address the microphone on Glass.

Now with this out of the way.....

What does this mean instead of having more people wear Glass? Does more Explorers mean a better product, or is this the way Google (slowly but surely) will implement glass in society? I think yes... yes it is... Wearing a computer on your face is a bit much and the early explorers had to answer a million questions from everyone that we walked by. Its probably equivalent to being a "hot chick" or the closest were gonna get to it. With the expansion of the group now Glass  will be more and more common and will be more and more accepted into society. Google and the Explorers have a responsibly to not screw Glass up for everyone, if Glass was released today in a retail store, i think it will do well, however the hype will die down and the device may go away due to not living up to the hype.

I would say keeping the device exclusive make it also more desirable because its not a product that everyone can get and to us nerds and geeks, we hold that sacred just like our Comics, Video Game, Collector Editions, and Magic Cards (somewhere in my house, i still wont sell them, or what other card game you play). I don't work for Google so i can dictate that however I do tell them feedback, so i know they listen...



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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

iPhone and iPads better days are behind them? Introducing the iPad Air

With the release of the iPad air, reports have shown that the numbers of amounts of iPods and iPads have decreased from the same time last year. With the released of the original iPad, the market received a new product and there was a craz and people everywhere had to have it. With Steve Jobs heading the ship, every release was innovative and a must have. With the leaps and bounds of the iPad 1 to the 2, consumers rebought the revised product and with the 3rd iPad release we( and I do mean we) bought into it again. But as the time has gone by and now under different leadership the revisions have not been enough for me to reinvest into an iPad.

So here is some of my beef with this existing lines of technology that Im sure everyone has been going through..Cable Conumdrum... A lot of people have an iPad2 and an iPhone 5, an iPhone 4s and an iPad mini, any way you slice it I have 2 different cables and when I need to charge something, I always have the other cable. or 20 30pin cables in a drawer. This is especially frustrating to me, and Google doesnt have that problem because all their products including Glass uses a mini USB Cable.

Going back to topic here... If you are thinking about reinvesting into the Apple system I have 2 recommendations for you, go smaller with the iPad mini or reinvest into the iPad Air. The iPad Air is a thinner, lighter, and fast beast than the iPad 4 (or whatever number they are on). With a previous blog i mentioned that iOS will be sluggish on older phones and I was correct. With the apps and also iOS7 being processor intensive, in the future upgrades the iPad 2 is no longer going to cut it and you will be frustrated with the speed of the internet and the loading of your applications.

Apples innovations should not been seen in the same light of the company introducing new gadgets in the market place, it should be measured by how far it has come from the beginning. Refining their products over a period of time makes the first ipod and look very old and archaic. Innovative at the time by the introduction of a new product, however Apple has evolved itself under the new leadership of Mr. Cook, and now innovative has a whole different meaning.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Do not do not do not do not upgrade to OS Maverick!!!!

With the latest release of the newest operating system, Apple has decided to release the newest version MAVERICKS to all the Apple users everywhere. This update is compatible with most macs however if you own a current machine that was built are 2008, lucky you as you dont have to be subjected to the horror of this First Release.

I have learned from the upgrade to Lion that to never download and install the newest operating system the first week of release, my rule of thumb is about 6 to 8 months....Why you ask???? Simply if you need your computer to work or you depend on it to do more than just browsing social media (or if social media is your job than your in for a doozie!!) don't expect your Mac to be very cooperative or useful at all.

With the latest installation of MAVERICKS some of the most common problems are iWork (which is free for new owners of a Mac) and translating from the newer program from the paid versions that older owners have. Also with some of the Apple stock programs being revised, the translation of lost libraries from iMovie and iPhoto have irritated millions of users and this particular one to...Problems with the Mail Application and dont even get me started on the web browsing experience.. its probably the slowest and worst ever.. and here is the kick, you cant check the updates because loading the App store takes over 15 min on a computer with 6 GB RAM installed, this is very irritating. So even if there was an update I couldn't download it due to the impatience and anger that boils while watching the pinwheel.

So the solution is simple right???? why dont you just use a time machine back up??? well with the new installation of OS Mavericks the computer times out randomly leaving unfinished download and restore sessions incomplete so you get in this reoccuring frustrated cycle...

Other than that making my computer completely useless and have restrained myself from Fire selling my machine for a Starbucks Latte... I'm just going to wait it out...

I have no other choice than to wait, and OS Mavericks is giving me a lot of practice at waiting (and watching)

Thanks for reading!!!

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Galaxy Gear got a little less very average...

Recently I wrote a blog post regarding Galaxy Gear, not to correct myself or say i told me so, there is new development in the accessory gear which essentially had the world anticipating the next wearable tech revolution. The smartwatch is for the people who have grown tired of pulling out their phone 50+ times a day to check status, email,or just plain bored. Now if your bored you at least now have less thing to check thru before you start surfing dub step cat videos.

Samsung has reported that not only does the Galaxy Note 3 have compatibility with the Galaxy Gear but also the Note 2, S4 and S3 will get the updates very very soon. This is a smart move since those 3 phones are the 3 most previously popular smartphones and are still very relevant in the pre-paid market and for people who are jumping from the sinking Apple ship.. and i said ship not S***...

Some things i think are good about the watch is...its somewhat stylish, somewhat leather (not real), screen to view pictures and call people and receive call from. Also this computer is not strapped to your face,so people will feel a little better about using it. The Facebook, email, and Twitter notifications are helpful and also the calendar which I like the best.

What I don't like about the watch is camera they put into the device, very low resolution and the only use is to make you feel like a spy from the movies, Poor Batter LIFE (your dreaming if you can make it an entire day without a charge), the charging cradle, and soon you will be an Optimus Prime of cables since you now have to charge a laptop, cell phone, computer, tablet, smartwatch and glass, thats kinda too much.

My whole opinion is this, while the watch is very new and its one of the better looking screens on the market and by far more beautiful than pebble my real beef and the reason I wont buy one  and keep it is the fact that most of the functionality works and is integrated with the Samsung apps in the Touchwiz OS. Those apps are good however I, and millions of people, prefer the google apps which a limited in compatibility and functionality. You would assume so because the rumored Google Smartwatch to be announced soon. And that can be the game changer we have been waiting for!

PS... I left this tidbit out.... never never never buy the first generation of anything.. unless its revolutionary and its google glass....

Thanks for reading!!!

Episode 1 of the Foodcourt Podcast to b released this week via sound cloud.... EXCITED!

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