Monday, December 30, 2013

Curved Displays.. Why we should care..... later!

With CES soon approaching, the craze and move for manufactures to migrate and incorporate curved displays is going to be a big thing this year. As i research this topic, you already know about the LG Flex and the Samsung Curve phones which have the curved display featured into the phone. What are the benefits of this... probably little to none except a better feel in your pocket. With all my phones from now on placed securely into an Otterbox holster, i could really care less about this feature everyone is rushing to manufacture.

However with anything in design, without the first the never is a revision or reinvention.

A lot of people, including myself blog about what they want the next generation phones, and now watches, to have a curved display and this is probably a feature that is in everyone minds but we are just not there.

The Samsung Galaxy watch is cool.. but if it had a curved display that wrapped round your wrist?!?!?! Now that is what we want.... The G Flex is neat, but folding my phone like a wallet and doubling the size into a tablet... Game Over! These are the thing I would love to see into these phones and I know Google will get there before Apple will so I'm optimistic.

We are also expecting the curved TVs to be debuted at the CES show in Las Vegas in January. Having a curved TV is the next big selling point to make consumers spend more money after 3D tv really took off... this is a joke, it didnt really take off.... and to replace the 720s or the 1080p TV in your living room. The only reason I would get a curved display is for online gaming for Call of duty or if I cared about playing Madden 25 as much as i used to, other than that I am sticking with the old reliable flat screen plasma on my wall....

So curved displayed phones right now is a new direction and a nice feature but this isnt going to be a major selling point until the display is flexible, can offer more shatter resistance, or has additional functionality integrated into the curve display. And ike they say, " A journey of a thousand steps begins with one", and the Samsung Curve and the LG Flex is the first step, and you know journeys dont get interesting until you hit at least half way!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Why Google Glass is Fragile....

As one of the initial Glass Explorers that received their Glass early in the year (the second batch). I have just experienced something that worries me about the Glass investment. With the cost to be in the Explorer program was significant enough to have myself concerned about the longevity of Glass.

As a everyday user with everyday wear and tear, somewhat of a power user but nothing extreme, I have experienced my first issue with Glass.

The connection piece between the bone speaker and the arm (where the piece goes from skinny to wide) started to crack, very unnoticable everyday, until last week.

As a student of Materials, as an Civil Engineering student (well I graduate a while ago) there was a section regarding shear failure. As the metal piece continues after the touchpad and before the speaker, the weight of the speaker started to crack the top portion of the plastic which tells me that the flexing of the material is putting stress on the metal arm and causing a failure of the piece and cracking the plastic.

Looking at this, I don't know how this could be prevented, my educated guess is a thicker section. While I am conscious about how I am using Glass on a daily basis, charging the unit and putting it on the top of my hear when I talk to people is my normal use. I am surprised that not more people are running into this issue.

With Google giving people a device refresh, this saved me from a failing unit however this doesn't solve the bigger problem. Eventhough Glass is amazing and the technology in it is evolving by the month this is an issue that will urk me and a lot of users and future users.

Our phones, whether Apple or Andriod last quite a long time seeing we use the device almost every 10 minutes of the day. If the materials on Glass starts to fail after 8 months, I can't see me buying a new pair of Glass every 10 to 12 months. I guess this is why were an explorer in the first place, not only explore the uses of Glass and how it fits into society, but exploring how it will explore the strength of the materials.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why You Should Switch to the new Glass!

While this comes for news to some but not all in the Glass Explorer Community, google set out an email notifying Glass Explorers to switch and upgrade to the new Glass. So the question is should you switch or shouldn't you switch?

The recent invite went out to the initial explorers, although I don't know if the newer explorers received the newer version of Glass, to switch and upgrade their Glass. Now with this invitation, users are given the opportunity to also switch colors. I myself would love to be TEAM TANGERINE, but I just don't gave the guts to do it, though blue and white look very nice.

 One thing I applaud Apple with, is the fact that the versions of their tablet and phone are kinda of future proof and that the device will be useful throughout the contract life (for phones and if you read my recent post regarding the iPad2 - that tablet is still selling new and relevant). Andriod is becoming that new through the nexus refresh giving the Nexus line up the new Kit Kat OS. However this is not applicable to all phones on Androids as Samsung is having you purchase a new Galaxy every year, shish!

As the initial explorers recieved Glass, the future was limitless with this device as it didnt really have a place and was trying to find its function of how it was going to be useful and competitive in this new mobile world filled with next gen tablets and huge smartphones. But it now only create a nitch for itself, it created a new technology category in  wearable tech.

Now with the new hardware the users will have an upgraded device for future updates and also probably hardware fixes to the bone Speaker and the fact that the phone experience is not that great.The invite will

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The iPad2 is still a beast

Hello, sorry I havent posted in a while, I have been consumed with holiday shopping and a slightly dislocated finger which has pretty much put the stops to a lot of my blogging and social media updates. Anyways... with Apples release of the iPad Air, the consumers are needing more and more performance out of their tablets.. but I say why?

As I took my iMac to the Apple Store, I upgraded my computer before i posted not to upgrade to OSX Mavericks, and I noted that even the Apple Genuis Bar Employees process and perform their diagnostics on the iPad2 and not the latest and greatest iPad Air. This got me thinking, if these new iPads are sooo much better than the previous models, why isn't Apple using their own flagship product and using a device that is older and slower, the iPad2? I will tell you what the worker told me... The iPad2 is a beast

Now I am all for the new retina screen, the mini size ipad, (which I prefer) however how can Apple stay on the iPad 2 and pushing everyone to the newer models to everyone else? Probably because we (well most of us) have to have the latest and greatest all the time! Now I know that they arent runing programs that could take up all the performance processing that some users would but the principal should be the same.. If this is what they are selling, and they are telling you to trade up for the new versions, and the new hardware is far superior to the old hardware... the why arent they using it?? just something to think about...

The specifications of the iPad2 is adequate for 99% of the users out their who use tablets. In my opinion the iPad2 is still better than most tablets on the markets, while Samsung will give the iPad2 a run for its money, is it still better the the iPad2???? tough call. I guess the point here is that the iPad2 is still a superior tablet on the market as stores still sell them new, also the newer iPads are better however now its how much better are you willing to pay for? My suggestions is to show restraint and ride this iPad to the end.. however I know that is the opposite of what they are thinking? Only if we could freashen up the tablet a bit...and that is why Google is right where it needs to be...
After telling this to an employee at the AT&T store, she stated that they still use iPad 2 to run their operations, my response is "Well you are AT&T, not Apple. I dont see you talking an a flip phone do I?

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