Friday, August 15, 2014

Be Smart in choosing a smart watch!

I am always on the consumers side when choosing technology and what exactly fits them and also why this is a good buy for them. Many questions are asked to me and the most popular one was "which smartwatch should I buy"? The answer is not a simple and straight forward one, however if you are an iOS (iPhone) user then the answer is clear, do not buy one... well not yet.

As the wearable market continues to expand due to the popularity and push for tracking your progress and heartrate for fitness purposes, Apple has lacked a product in this field and also as been very quite on the progress (typical Apple). The wearable field has been dominated by three major companies: Google/Andriod wear, Samsung and Pebble and the wearable market shows no sign of slowing down, but where is Apples?

Apple has always been very secretive about their products until they are announced in the Keynote Speeches of the events. So looking through patents that Apple has filed has given us an iDea of what they are trying to do. Apple has been acquiring fashion consults from designer companies and also designers of the Nike Fuelband which is a project that is very popular with fitness consumers,  but will no longer be supported by Nike. Using key people in these industries tells us that Apple is going to release a solid smartwatch that will be integrated in the OS and also one that is desirable. I expect the iWatch to be focused more on fitness tracking than the other watches due to the iOS8 and the healthbook functions that will be integrated in the OS.

Andriod and Motorola have announced an event to released the follow up to the solid Moto X, Moto X+1 and the Moto 360 is expected to announce their release date as well. The Moto 360 is the smartwatch that is getting all the buzz from the tech consumers because of the round interface and the fact it doesn't run Tizen (Samsung's Operating System) as compared to the Galaxy Gear. The Moto 360 supports functionality of a round interface and integrates very well with Google Now giving people the alerts on their wrist instead of their pockets.

Last but not least the Samsung Smartwatch, Galaxy Gear which is anticipated to release models that are not required to be connected to a Galaxy Phone. Having a device that is somewhat maybe the kick Samsung needs to sell more units even though Samsung admits it has ran out of phones to sell people. The Galaxy Gear line is an interesting line because it falls into the category and philosophy to never buy the first version of anything (due to the functionality of the product is low and the refreshed version 2 is a lot better).

Smartwatches are an interesting field because this is a niche product with mass appeal. People are excited and have large expectations about a product and are anticiping it to deliver a great product experience without owning a wearable device. In my opinion the wearables market is nice however I feel the consumer needs to be in the wearable ecosystem and not use this and browse you phone all the time, then there really isn't a point of getting a smartwatch. Owning a wearable device will only show you how dependant you are to a wall outlet and you must be near a charger at all times because having technology is one thing, having dead technology is another. The benefits of Glass is to not stare at your phone and realize there is a bigger world out there full of stiff larger than a 5" LCD phone. If you go after the wearables, I recommend to try and reinvent the way you consume mobile technology and get it out of your way. Unless you get a LG smartwatch,  because there really isn't a reason to own that watch as it does nothing for you.