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Bigger Phone are Burring the Lines and Sales Between Tablets and Smartphones

I had to take a little hiatus on this Blog for a bit for work and studying purpose. As you may know writing is a rhythm you have to be in to do, similar to dancing…So I am back with a lot of topics for discussion for the techies and not-so-techies out there!

So lets get down to business here!!!

So as the Christmas shopping season is upon us, maybe you were deciding to get a really good Black Friday deal on a new iPad or Galaxy or go with something else like a new Galaxy Note 4 or the large iPhone6. It is not surprising that you are thinking this and you seem to be struggling on a decision on what to buy because your iPad2 (because everyone has an iPad2) is still performing very well, even with the new updates to the OS. Now if you are having this difficult decision, the big boys, Samsung and Apple, have an even larger problem to deal with. The reports state the tablet sales are dropping as large phones sales are increasing and Samsung's profits have dropped to the tune of 70% from last year and they simply claim that they ran out of people to sell a phone to. 
Part of the reason that you are having this question is the fact that the phones and tablets are becoming redundant technology to each other. "Redundant tech" is the meaning I use that I user will have multiple devices on them to be productive and plugged in. Now since phones now a days are a necessity and the lifeblood to humanity, this is also something that has equity because the fact that you can trade in and get comparable value even if it is 2 years old, as compared to a tablet which has little and depreciating equity and the value doesn't hold itself like a premium cell phone does. Because the larger screen on the cell phones, the functionality, use and entreatment  that you would get with the tablet (games and movies) are really blurred. Throw in the mix of smaller 6", 7" and 8" and the waters become more and more muddy! 

Now let's bring it back to basics here, and just stick with the main tablet and the phones. The Galaxy Note series offers a stylus for precision for a smaller screen and the iPhone is a couple years late with copying Android (let's be real, and stop acing like we don't know or deny the fact. We are all educated here) and the fact that tablets are heavily reliant on wifi to be enjoyable and also connecting the wifi to your cell account is going to cost you extra money for what? updating Facebook on a 10" screen instead of a 7" phone? Mostly tablets have been reduced to giving it to kids to watch a movie so they don't bother us and now the phones are large enough that they just watch Youtube movies on the phone. 

Just observe the discounts the big box stores (Target and Best Buy) are giving you if you buy a tablet this season, over $100 bucks off in gift cards as well as a minimal price drop from retail MSRP. But I believe the lines can be blurred both ways into the tablets favor. As the tablets are getting smaller and cheaper and still hold its processing value, with the big push the phone carriers are doing to get off the unlimited data plans, consumers will probably start going to tablets more and more because the price of data and overages are not worth what you pay for. I mean can we just update the selfies when we are on wifi? The larger phones mixed with the smaller tablets are basically the same things. except you not going to pay several hundreds of dollars to instantly update your instagram account. The mobility of the smaller tablets give portability of to tablets to fit in your pocket similar to the large phones and also the fact you don't really loose much screen real estate.  

In my opinion, I think users are going to come off the premium phone services and get the second tier services and get tablets with the savings of their monthly data charges. And if you think I'm crazy, just wait and read the fine print on these family sharing policies you see on TV, 2016 is going to suck for a lot of people(but not for you because you are smart and you read my blogs) because all the family sharing plans promotional data expires then, and then enjoy the 200+ phone bill, I mean is Facebook and Instagram that important to update? I rather Lease a Car instead!

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