Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why Microsoft Tablet will only scratch the Surface (Pro or Not)

Here is to my New Years Resolution to start blogging consistently again, Like many New Years Resolutions, commitments kinda come and go but habits that you form make them stick. So why are you reading this article anyway? And why am i writing this? because this in not a full review of the Microsoft Suface Tablet because hey, you can watch dozens of Youtube channels and articles by people who can make videos waaaaay better than I can, however I find most videos and reviews don't have the caution and warning to things that are critical to know, or you find out the hard way right after you buy the product.

My beef with the Surface Tablet, and by beef I am referring to what I don't like about it is that the Miscrosoft Surface tablet on TV and even on the specification sheet states how much memory is in the actual product. Now if you are a regular reader or a level above a zombie than we have probably have some tech experience with what Apple and Samsung state is the memory and what is usable because of the OS need to go somewhere... Right!!! So the OS for an Apple Product varies and the storage you need to install updates is a tad more, if you need specifics and Google it, however that OS requires X GB to run the device, phone or tablet. However in a Surface (RT or Pro) offers tablets at a much higher storage capacities of their entry level product that Apple or Android (Android because there a zillion of them) so this in turn looks attractive to the consumer. However after having the tablet and exploring things, I would expect the Windows OS to be roughly the same as the Apple and Androids, however this was TOTALLY WRONG! The required space of the Microsoft Surface OS is around 22 GB approximately so a 32 GB tablet you thought you were going to have storage on... is really like an 10 GB tablet which is Good for around 5 movies.

Also what is great feature about the tablet is the 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen and that the videos and movies come out better and the cameras on the device is not comparable to the Apples products, but it is serviceable for Skyping and what not and generally the hardware seems good enough to perform to your needs.

In my opinion what kills this tablet, more than the storage which is a pretty big deal, is the fact that the applications in the Window Store is so out of touch than what we need. Only if you were in a Microsoft Bubble and had nothing but Microsoft than this wouldn't be a problem, however the world now works in eco systems, so by buying a product I am buying into your ecosystem of products because that what we have come to s a tech society. I would say the average tech user, which is everyone on the planet, uses either instagram and facebook on a normal basis and the younger generations use snapchat and techies love their Google+. None of these apps are on their app store. SO when you purchase a product to portability and to use it to replace your laptop, it doesn't even give you the access to what 99% of the people use a connected device for so you have to carry around more technology and now you are technologically redundant... and if you don't know what that means I have a blog for that!

I don't like to make my blogs super long because of the attention span of a reader but also these are the 2 most important things I would tell somebody if they were purchasing a Surface Tablet.... I don't want to go into another blog about this but stuff has to get said and done!

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